Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Helpful Guidelines for Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses

Make Sure the Dresses Are Cute!

Yes brides it is your day and many people would rather not be outshone by their own bridesmaids.  However, think of the pictures, photography, and the picture you are painting for your guests.  Choose one dress that will be flattering on all your bridesmaids or customize the dresses for each bridesmaid.  Both parties will be happy in the end, especially if you choose dresses that the bridesmaids can wear again for other occasions!


Consider Short Dresses

Yes, longer dresses may look more "classy" but think of all the work your bridesmaids will be doing for you.  Running around helping you with your makeup, wedding favors, vendors, etc.  Please don't have them tripping on their dresses too!  Consider dress changes for different parts of your event, if you and your bridesmaid can afford it / want to spend that money.  Similarly, consider the weather and other factors.  Looking ridiculous isn't classy either - so dresses that are too tight, too uncomfortable, or too anything is not what you want!


No, the Dresses Do Not All Need to Be the Same Color

Consider adding significance by making your maid of honor's dress a different color than the other bridesmaids' dresses.  Similarly, each bridesmaid could wear a different color dresses, especially if you have a significant reason for doing so.  Each bridesmaid could wear a dress in her favorite color.  Likewise, each bridesmaid could wear a dress compromising of one of the colors in your nationality's flag.  Being creative helps make the event more fun and memorable!


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Wedding Dress of the Day

Hairstyle of the Day

Inspiration for Wedding Day Makeup Looks

(Work by a makeup artist I believe is based in Atlanta, you can find her work on her facebook page by googling "Makeup Artist Alex.   She does the most beautiful and transformative makeup work I've ever seen!)

(Your 'something blue': eyeshadow!)

Variations of Flattering Red Lips:

Best Of: Awards - Celebrity Weddings

Best Wedding Cake - Ryan Haddon & Christian Slater

Best Bouquet - Tia Mowry-Hardict

Best Wedding Dress - Kate, Duchess of Cambridge

Best Bridesmaids Dresses - Khloe Kardashian Odom

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