Thursday, October 15, 2009

Banquet Table Seating

There are so many reasons why banquet table seating can make your event special.  One, it makes for a striking visual.  In addition, the arrangement puts your guests closer together, stimulating conversation and invoking a sense of community.   A rectangular table also allows for the option of a tablerunner (as in the above picture).  Furthermore,  it can make you feel like royalty entertaining your guests! (Did you catch the banquet tables in The Queen and other films about the English monarchy?)

However, banquet style seating may not work if you have a very large guest list.  I tend to think that banquet seating is best when there is only one table.  Alternately,  you could also do two connected tables in a L shape, or 3 connected table in a U shape, or 4 table connected into a rectangle.  Otherwise, it can look cramped and awkward.

When choosing a venue, ask whether banquet style seating is an option at that venue.  Even after you've chosen the venue, ask if it is a possibility if this is something you'd like to do.

Photo Courtesy of Instyle Weddings


  1. Beautiful picture. A banquet table seating can definitely make a difference! - this would have been perfect for my small intimate wedding. Very cool blog! I am now following you and thank you very much for checking me out and following as well.

    Much love,

  2. thanks dionna! glad to have you :)

  3. hi
    i would like to ask about the centerpiece for Rectangular table, on wich basic should i chose the centerpiece for this kind of tables???

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